We Granted A Wish!!

Dec, 2020

Plumber Survives Enormous Brain Tumor!

This is a Christmas Grant A Wish story of SURVIVAL 🎄 In our team, if one goes down, we all go down. From there, we rise back up together as one ✨

Jason, one of our awesome plumbers, has had a year full of highs and definitely full of lows. Towards the end of the year, Jason was starting to realise that something was very wrong inside his body.

Being the fighter that he is, he convinced himself and his loving family that it must be exhaustion from work or possibly even dehydration. Yet deep down, Jason and his loved ones knew something more sinister was at hand.

This is the real and raw story of how an honest father, husband and truly valued team member of our Jetset family OVERCAME AND BEAT A BRAIN TUMOUR in what has already been one of the toughest years on record. 🙏🏼