UPDATE: Hamilton Island Vacation

Mar, 2022

The time is finally here!

We announced back in November last year that Tracey Abraham was the winner of our Hamilton Island giveaway and this month SHE IS OFF ✈️🏝🍹🌞

Tracey is about to embark on a 7 night trip to beautiful Hamilton Island, all because she booked in a job with us!

How cool is that!?!

We are so grateful for amazing customers like Tracey!

There are literally thousands of people who could have been drawn and we don’t know if we could have landed on a more deserving woman!

It is people like Tracey that keep us inspired.

That keep us hungry to improve.

That drive us to provide a customer experience that is literally like no other on Earth!

We wish Tracey the absolute best time and we hope she can get some well deserved relaxation time.

Check out what Tracey had to say.