World Vision – Cambodia

Apr, 2023

World Vision Cambodia

The Children in Cambodia

The Cambodian village is in a rural area within the mountains where the climate is hot and humid.

Most people are farmers, however they struggle due to the lack of conditions and the lack of the right tools needed.

With poor sanitation and hygiene, the people of Cambodia are often riddled of illnesses such as vomiting and diarrhoea.

Without the help of World Vision, most children don’t finish school because there aren’t enough facilities or trained teachers in the area, which leads them to start farming when they can no longer attend school.

Our mission with World Vision is to create a Library for the village, where anyone can have improved access for their education. During this journey, the village will also be educated in farming techniques to increase food production, training in hygiene and good sanitation practices, help the community to sustain development efforts, along with health and nutrition education.

We sponsor a child in Cambodia for every staff member at Jetset, which all our staff are so proud of, which we can do because of our great customers like YOU.

Thanks to you and your ongoing support, we together, are making a difference to so many lives in Cambodia.